Community Coordinator

Joy Benson Green

Joy has been involved in the community of Grand Manan for much of her life and since 2007, she has had a hand in leading it. She was both founder and director of a program called Wonder World, an initiative dedicated to making a difference in the lives of kids and teens by encouraging self-awareness, thoughtful connection, and engaging activities.
In 2014, Joy moved to St. Stephen with her husband, Brent, and two sons, Oskar and Lincoln. She completed her psychology degree at St. Stephen’s University, all the while forming a community in the town like she had on the island. It felt like home—so she and her family stayed put.
As Community Coordinator of Vibrant Communities Charlotte County, Joy gets to put her leadership skills on an even grander scale than ever before. Her background and passion for building connections gives VC a great direction.

“To be known and connected to people who genuinely care, show resilience, and have a spirit of innovation is not something one can find just anywhere but this is what i see that we have here in Charlotte County.”

Food Security Coordinator

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Rachelle Snelgrove

Rachelle came to St. Stephen in 2010 from Carleton County to attend St. Stephen's University. After graduating in 2015 with a degree in International Studies she worked as a farm hand on an organic farm in Perth, Ontario, before moving onto her role as Programs Facilitator at the Knowlesville Art and Nature Centre, in Knowlesville NB. 

Rachelle, her husband Isaac, and their 2 year old son Otis fell in love with the community, geography, and pace of Charlotte County and decided to stay in St. Stephen rather than move back to Ontario as they had originally planned. "Community has been one the driving forces that has kept luring us back to this incredible place." 

Rachelle has developed a keen interest in sustainability, community living, and local, wholesome, good food. This passion has led her to take a position with Vibrant Communities as their Food Security Coordinator. 

"Food has always been a looming topic in my life, from working on farms, to wild foraging, preserving, and finally to eating, I'd always been interested in the process of how our food comes to us and how we can promote equal access, skills, and knowledge of food. It's ludicrous that something as universal, gratifying, and essential as eating good food is often a privilege only some in our communities live with. Fortunately we live in Charlotte County where our residents are engaged and already committed to bettering the lives of everyone who gets to call this place home." 


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