What We Are Doing About Poverty Together

        Vibrant Communities Charlotte County (VCCC) is committed to reducing poverty in our region of New Brunswick. With the support of the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC) and a network of local partner organizations we are achieving this goal. In consultation with the public and key stakeholders in 2011, we have developed a poverty reduction plan for Charlotte County called: Bridging the Gap (click here to access). In the spring of 2016, we updated this plan with a focus on specific priorities (click here to access). We also heard from our Network members in the summer of 2016 to see where there are successes/gaps in the current poverty reduction effort going on in the region (click here for access).

        In order to stimulate creativity, pro-activity, and encourage Charlotte County residents to take a long-view on poverty, we consulted 50 local stakeholders to help draft four alternative scenarios for this region in 2036 (detailed version & summary version). We invite readers to give us input on what our current poverty reduction priorities should be given the alternative futures we face. We also invite our readers to comment on the future scenarios being presented to help make them more accurate, realistic, and representative.


What We Have Accomplished So Far

        Between 2010-2014, VCCC has helped secure $411,362 in ESIC grants for a total of 39 poverty reduction initiatives in Charlotte County. This amount was matched by the community with $1,525,439 in cash or in-kind contributions. In addition to securing grants, VCCC has helped incubate projects from the idea stage to execution. We have also served as an information and networking hub to provide organizations with the most relevant funding information and community contacts.